Making plans for your wedding should be a joyful and exciting time. Marriage, like all other good things, was created and given to mankind by God. As its creator and designer, God alone is able to instruct us in how to create, care for and develop this one-flesh relationship. As a church, we are committed to helping you with your wedding. Westside’s commitment to you goes beyond planning and conducting the ceremony itself. We want to help you establish a firm foundation for a strong and stable, Christ-honoring relationship.  We believe this requires a clear understanding of the scriptural teachings concerning marriage, and we will attempt to guide and encourage you in this area. 

During the months preceding your wedding, you will be working closely with a Westside pastor and with others to insure you both are as prepared as possible for the next step of relationship commitment.  This handbook provides a basis for consultation and for scheduling various appointments.  In consultation with your pastor, the Wedding Coordinator will submit your date to the church calendar for approval. 

We are thankful for this opportunity to minister to you, and trust you will find our services meaningful and beneficial. If you and your loved one are considering a wedding ceremony in the not too distant future, and would like to begin the application process at Westside of pastoral assignment, counseling, and calendaring, please feel free to contact us.