Planning a wedding is a joyful and exciting time!

Marriage, like all other good things, was created and given to mankind by God. As its creator and designer, God alone is able to instruct us in how to create, care for and develop this one-flesh relationship. As a church, we are committed to helping you with your wedding. Westside’s commitment to you goes beyond planning and conducting the ceremony itself. We want to help you establish a firm foundation for a strong and stable, Christ-honoring relationship.  We believe this requires a clear understanding of the scriptural teachings concerning marriage, and we will attempt to guide and encourage you in this area. 

We have listed 2 simple procedures below that will need to be followed in order for us to best meet your expectations for your special day.

Getting Started

The following four steps are required to coordinate and confirm your event. Please follow each in chronological order:

1. Wedding Manual

We have compiled all information regarding fees, policies, and procedures for holding weddings at Westside Church. Click the button below to download the manual.

2. Selecting an Officiating Pastor

All Pastors at Westside Church are appropriately credentialed to conduct wedding ceremonies, and we require that your wedding be officiated by one of them or at least the preparation process be supervised by one of them. Other credentialed ministers of your choice may be involved with your wedding, but the minister must be approved by the Westside Pastor supervising your wedding.  Your minister must contact Pastor Virgil Walker, to verify that the statement of Faith for each church is the same. If you do not have a preference, the Wedding Coordinator will seek a staff pastor who is available for the requested time and date. Please indicate your Officiating Pastor in the application in Step 3.

3. Application for Wedding Ceremony

Download the application by clicking the button below. Complete all sections to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure about any section, just write “Unsure”.

4. Application for Reception

Similar to Step 3, download the application by clicking the button below if you are interested in having your Reception be held at Westside. Complete all sections to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure about any section, just write “Unsure”.

5. Contacting Our Wedding Coordinator

Our Wedding Coordinator, Rhonda McKay will be your primary contact for all event planning. Click the button below to create a new email and include your completed Application for Wedding Ceremony form as well as the Application for Reception, if you are requesting a Reception to be held at Westside as well. This form must be emailed to Rhonda in order for the planning process to begin.

Contact Rhonda

Premarital Counseling

While the event planning process continues, it is a good idea to begin thinking about Premarital Counseling and ensuring that both you and your spouse are ready for this big commitment. Two simple steps are required for the Premarital Counseling section.

1. Application for Premarital Process

This application includes your commitment to each other. Premarital Counseling is essential to a long-lasting and healthy marriage. Download and complete the form by clicking the button below. 

2. Premarital Counseling Agreement

This application involves your commitment and places that commitment in writing. Download and review through the document by clicking the button below. When you and your spouse are ready to sign and agree, you can sign the document electronically.

3. Send Your Completed Application/Commitment

Our Wedding Coordinator will be the one processing your paperwork for the Application for the Premarital Process. Please click the button below to send the form to our Wedding Coordinator.

Contact Rhonda at: