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August 24–25, 2019

Take advantage of this opportunity to let God show you the next step on your Journey!

On Saturday, August 24 from 6:30–8:00pm individuals from the missions Westside Church supports will be sharing about their organizations. The evening will open with a short service in the Worship Center. After the service there will be breakout sessions where ministry represetatives will be answering your questions and sharing how you can join them in their ministries. You will learn how you can pray, give, and/or go!

On Sunday, August 25 the ministry representatives will be joining us in worship across our three locations.


Meet our Missionaries

Read the captions under each photo to see where and when each ministry will be speaking.
All times are for Saturday evening. Use the encourage button to send a word of encouragement to the ministry.

Arturo Mejia  Big Room • 7:40–8:00pm

Arturo Mejia Big Room • 7:40–8:00pm

11.28 Omaha

In 2009, Arturo and his wife, Sharling, became members of Westside Church. A year later they created (with the financial support of our church) a small group named 11.28 Omaha that focused on studying the Bible, doing outreach services and engaging with the community of South Omaha to learn more about their needs, and how they could work together to find a solution to those needs. They provide the following services: GED in Spanish, ESL (Beginners and Intermediate), Basic computer skills, Spanish as a Second Language (Beginner), Citizenship class, Spanish literacy, leadership development, Neighborhood projects development, kids activities, and spiritual support.

Ways to Volunteer

Click the “More Info” button below to email Arturo and learn ways to serve.

Toni Clarke  Music Suite B/C • 7:00–7:20pm

Toni Clarke Music Suite B/C • 7:00–7:20pm

Assure Women’s Center

Assure Women’s Center is the first step for women facing unplanned pregnancies, transforming their fears into confidence by addressing their physical, spiritual and emotional needs, and equipping them to make healthy, life affirming decisions. They do this by providing pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and truthful information about all their options at no cost to them. They also provide parenting classes, Life Basics classes, and a number of Bible studies, including post abortion trauma healing. Assure has speakers in many metro area schools that speak to students about healthy relationship choices and God’s design for marriage.

Ways to Volunteer

Assure cannot operate as it does without volunteers. There are a variety of volunteer positions available. They include: advocate (the woman who walks alongside the patient during her appointment), receptionists, admin support, parenting class teachers, boutique workers, grounds keepers and handymen. No experience is necessary. We will train you. 

Marc Vergo  Fellowship Hall • 7:40–8:00pm

Marc Vergo Fellowship Hall • 7:40–8:00pm


Marc and Evangeline have been full-time missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ (called Cru in the US) for 17 years. They first served at UNO, Metro and College of Saint Mary reaching college students for Christ. Then they transferred to the world headquarters of Cru where they leverage their skills in computers and journalism to make sure everyone has an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Currently Marc serves as the technical director of church planting and evangelism tools for the JESUS Film ministry of Cru. Marc’s team uses technology to plant churches and bring the gospel to unreached, unengaged people groups around the world.

Ways to Volunteer


Perry Gauthier  Big Room • 7:20–7:40pm

Perry Gauthier Big Room • 7:20–7:40pm

Capitol Ministries

North American Director Perry Gauthier, his wife Faith, and their team labor to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to political leaders in Nebraska and the other 49 capitols of the United States. The founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn said, “Governments, like clocks, go from the motions men give them…”.

“We are evangelistic Bible teachers and missionary-pastors called to the very nerve centers of culture – the capitols of the world. We are not lobbyists or lawyers. We are ministers on a mission: ‘Changing the hearts to change a nation.’'“

Ways to Volunteer

Click “Learn More” to email Perry and find ways to serve.

Bill Pearson  Worship Center • 7:40–8:00pm

Bill Pearson Worship Center • 7:40–8:00pm

Christian International Foundation

Peg’s desire from an early age was to be a nurse and a missionary. She received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at UNO at age 52, and began writing to mission organizations seeking to be a missionary. Peg received one acceptance letter. A provision of the acceptance was that her husband, Bill, needed to also go. Peg asked him to go with her as a missionary. He said “no” several times. Because of his love for Peg, he would occasionally pray for God’s guidance. After losing a big business deal God called Bill to the mission field on the Ohio Toll Road in 2004. They immediately began planning for the mission field. The call to the Dominican Republic came during a mission trip there in July 2005. They moved to the DR in November 2006 with one purpose, spread the Gospel.

Ways to Volunteer

Pray • Give • Go to the Dominican Republic

Rick Lechner  Music Suites B/C • 7:40–8:00pm

Rick Lechner Music Suites B/C • 7:40–8:00pm

Freeway Ministries

Freeway men’s houses are homes where sober men can come and be discipled. There is a like-minded goal to first grow their faith in God, the giver and sustainer of all of our needs. Currently, there are three men’s houses in two states. Through the love and grace of God, the men’s house is an avenue for these men to dig into God’s Word and give them hope for the future. Teaching them how to deal with their struggles and leaning on their faith in God instead of running to their addictions and what they “know” is crucial. 

Ways to Volunteer

Mentoring • Sorting Clothes • Saturday Services

If a person interested in these service opportunities (other than discipleship mentoring) they will be put on a monthly rotation. Click “Learn More” to visit their website.

Dave Hickey  Worship Center • 7:20–7:40pm

Dave Hickey Worship Center • 7:20–7:40pm

Higher Aim with Dr. Curt Dodd

Higher Aim with Dr. Curt Dodd utilizes the Biblical teaching ministry of Pastor Curt, and it seeks to globally proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring those who are lost into a real life-transforming encounter with the Savior and encourage believers in their daily walk. Higher Aim is guided by the wisdom of a godly board of directors, meeting often to prayerfully navigate its global strategy.

Ways to Volunteer

If you would like to pray corporately with other Westside members and staff, please join us on Sunday mornings during one of our three services in the Prayer Room. You will be blessed to be a part of our Prayer Ministry. 

Also, our Westside Media Volunteer team is always looking for individuals to join. Individual media teams are scheduled on a monthly rotation and report for all three services on their assigned Sunday. No experience is necessary. Training is offered. Email dnorton@wchurch.tv if you are interested in joining the Media Volunteer team.

Dave Penner  Room 210 • 7:40–8:00pm

Dave Penner Room 210 • 7:40–8:00pm

Josiah Foundation

The Josiah Foundation is committed to helping those who are living in deep poverty and who are without the most basic necessities of life. We are actively seeking to find and share evidences of the sovereign and loving God who personally exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth. In all we do, we seek to glorify God and strengthen the faith of many in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Ways to Volunteer

• Go on a Vision Tour – possibly this June/July. Learn about opportunities first hand. Love on children in an orphanage. Visit the Ark School; maybe even teach a class! Go on a safari with our key national leaders and encourage them.

• Pray – sign up to receive periodic updates via email.

• Give.

Jonathan Dodd  Room 210 • 7:00–7:20pm

Jonathan Dodd Room 210 • 7:00–7:20pm


Keipos uses food, farming, and education to transform lives. That means they Grow food, Eat together, Give abundantly. In the garden, in the kitchen, and at the table, with hands-on and classroom education, we provide youth programs, distributing produce supplied by our five community gardens and farm, hosting events, internships and tours with volunteer/team/group opportunities. 

Ways to Volunteer

They are in need of regular volunteers who are willing to commit 1–3 hours per week at the farm. If you would like to volunteer at this capacity, sign up for a spot on: Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00am to 4:00pm . The farm is located at 15822 S 63rd St, Papillion, NE 68133  

Cyndi Borden  Fellowship Hall • 7:00–7:20pm

Cyndi Borden Fellowship Hall • 7:00–7:20pm

King’s Garden

Cyndi Borden leads The King’s Garden and lives in our LifeHouse located in King Lake. She has been involved in numerous ministries throughout her adult life, including overseas missions work, children’s ministry, and leading small groups. For the last 7 years we have been living our mission in King Lake through three core areas of focus: cultivating community, nurturing spiritual growth, and planting truth in the next generation.

Ways to Volunteer


Michael Gott  Worship Center • 7:00–7:20pm

Michael Gott Worship Center • 7:00–7:20pm

Michael Gott Ministries

Michael Gott International is a non-profit association totally committed to communicating to as many people as possible how the good news of Jesus Christ can revolutionize any life. Michael and Jan Gott believe that the sharing of this good news - evangelism - is the wonderful activity of God's love expressed through God's people producing a purposeful and continual attempt to lead others to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and encouraging all to serve Him as a lifetime commitment.

Ways to Volunteer


Pat Duff  Music Suite B/C • 7:20–7:40pm

Pat Duff Music Suite B/C • 7:20–7:40pm

Reason to Hope - Guatemala

Patricia (Pat) Duff has been a member of Westside since about 1994. Reason to Hope serves people with disabilities and their families through Community Living homes (think group homes with residents with disabilities, as well as able-bodied residents), Education through the tutoring centers in Santa Lucia, San Pedro, and Panorama, and at New Life School.

Ways to Volunteer


Zach Dodd  Room 210 • 7:20–7:40pm

Zach Dodd Room 210 • 7:20–7:40pm


Zach Dodd, Pastor Curt’s son and Pastor Byron’s son-in-law, is the director of WEGO ministries. WEGO works with several orphanages and ministries in Nicaragua and Mongolia. He served on staff from 2006-2007 as the Student Worship Pastor and led the then modern worship service. He gives vision, oversight, shepherding, and training to their ministries and local staff abroad while also managing the organization Stateside. He’s less of a missionary and more of a developer and enabler of local missionaries

Ways to Volunteer


Caleb Smagacz  Big Room • 7:00–7:20pm

Caleb Smagacz Big Room • 7:00–7:20pm

World Ventures - Uganda

Right now they do a lot of language acquisition but eventually they will be doing everything that they can do to see the church valuing, discipling and investing in the children and families of southwest Uganda. 

Ways to Volunteer

Sign up for their newsletter so that they can be made aware of such opportunities as they are become available. You can sign up here

Jason Currie  Fellowship Hall • 7:20pm–7:40pm

Jason Currie Fellowship Hall • 7:20pm–7:40pm

Youth for Christ

Partnering with the local church, YFC’s vision is to share the hope of Jesus to every student through someone they know and trust. Thirty-five staff and 200 volunteers lead creative and relevant programs that include Campus Life, Parent Life, Campus Life Military, and YFC Camp in 40 schools and with over 2,000 kids involved. YFC began under the leadership of Billy Graham in 1944 and has stayed focused to the mission of reaching kids with the Gospel! Current Ministry Areas: Bellevue, Bennington, Elkhorn, Elkhorn South, DC West, Glenwood, Gretna, Millard North, Millard South, Millard West, Omaha Northwest, Papillion-La Vista, Platteview, Ralston, Westside.

Ways to Volunteer