We all have busy schedules, yet we want to stay involved and connected in a life group. Marco Polo is the solution you have been looking for! All you need to do is complete two simple steps to get started!

Discipleship Pastor Virgil Walker is the facilitator and can be contacted should you have any technical issues. His contact information is provided below.

Step 1: Download the application

To download the application to your Android or Apple device, click one of the links below for your respective device.


Step 2: Connect to the Westside Church Group

Complete the form below to finish the final step. Upon completion of this form, you will be added to the Westside Church network of Marco Polo users. Once you are added, you will receive a weekly three minute video that includes a devotional, instructions, and a challenging question. 


questions/technical issues

Discipleship Pastor Virgil Walker can be contacted at with any questions or issues.