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Tiny Tara Teaches Truth

Come join us March 2 from 9:00am–3:00pm in the Fellowship Hall to learn some basic stories of the Bible that will equip you to draw people into God’s Grand Narrative.

You will demonstrate proficiency in communicating biblical narratives. This is an interactive course that will include discovering different methods for communicating the Bible. Come join us for this Story-Centric approach to learning Biblical Theology. This course is excellent for ages 16 to 99! This event costs $10.

The International Orality Network points out that 70% of the world's population prefers oral methods to learn and approximately 75% of the Bible is narrative. If you include the poetry, drama, and songs it takes the oral methods up to 90% of the Bible leaving only 10% for the analytical thinker. On top of that, the millennial generation prefers oral methods. If we do not use these methods, we will not be reaching most of the world's population with a method that speaks to their heart language. I could also reference the Shame/Honor culture that makes up 70% of the world's population. This group is an oral method learner as well. I think it no coincidence that these numbers tend to match up with each other. God in His infinite wisdom set up the Bible as a narrative because He knew it was the best method for reaching the masses.

Contact the instructor: Tara Rye at

Bio: Tara’s love for a good story makes her heart sing. She incorporates biblical storying along with inductive Bible study methods in small groups at church, in a homeless shelter, on mission trips, on the radio and at speaking engagements. She serves as the President/Founder of Cultivating Hearts Ministries, a nonprofit organization that seeks to make disciples one person at a time through sound doctrine using the printed and oral presentation of God’s Word. Feel free to contact her at

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