Getting The Word Out

In our 4 part series, “Getting the Word Out” we discussed the importance of sharing the message of the Gospel with others. As we examined Matthew 10:5-42, we began with the understanding the many Christians express two major reasons for their neglect of sharing faith with others.  Many honestly admit that they are fearful when it comes to sharing their faith. For some, this is a fear of rejection or a fear of what others might think. Still others admit that they feel “ill equipped” to share their faith. Often, this stems from a belief that we must know all the answers prior to sharing the message of Christ with others. During this series, we examined 7 commands that Jesus gives his followers with regard to getting the word out.  

Go and begin where you are, Start at home (v5-6)

It’s important that we have a passion to share Christ and represent Jesus in our own families and in our own communities. We should be able to draw a ring around where we live and where we do life with the understanding that those are the people with whom we are to share the Gospel.  

It is important that we understand that God uses our desires to purchase a home, select a job, or to live in a specific way for the purpose of advancing God’s agenda not simply our own.  It is imperative that we look at every one of our decisions through the lens of what God wants us to do to advance God’s kingdom.  

God desires our life to be “on call” to share the message of the Gospel. 

God share the simple message (7)

Start The Conversation: When the disciples said, “the Kingdom of God is has come near” they were saying, “The will of God is very close to you.” This is a conversation starter.  It is this conversation starter that allows others to inquire more about what you mean.  Are you in God’s will right now?  Are you doing what God wants you to do with you life right now?  What about the job, the money, the influence?  Are you in a relationship that is more about your will than God’s will?  It’s not important that you have some story memorized that you are going to share with others.  It’s much more important that as you begin the conversation, you are prepared to listen to what is happening in the lives of others as you look for an opportunity to share Christ.     

Sadly, many of us never engage others when talking about the will of God because we know that we ourselves are not in God’s will.  Begin the process by asking yourself if you are in the will of God and then allow that question to challenge you as you look to share and challenge others.

Go Meet people at their pain (v7-8)

Heal the sick, raise the dead. . .People are more open to the things of God when they have come to the end of themselves.  As believers we have a responsibility to come alongside people in their pain. The most powerful moment of ministry is found when we take the time to meet people in their pain.

Jesus makes it clear that he wants us to be willing to connect with people during their time of pain.  If we as believers live isolated lives and choose not to connect with people in pain, we will miss a tremendous opportunity for God to use us.  Don’t be afraid that you are going to say the wrong thing.  If you show yourself as someone who cares when the opportunity to share your faith comes up, people are going to be more open to you and listen since you were available to them in a time of need.  Look for more opportunities to share Christ. 

Go in faith; trust God for provision (v9-10)

Don’t have a back up plan.  Our focus is to be on the mission rather than on the provision.  God provides the resources as you walk forward in the mission of sharing our faith with others.  Faith is taking God at his word and acting in such a way that God will supply.  Our focus should never be on having to see it before we walk forward. We may not have all of the provision for the journey.  We may not have all the answers to the questions, but we walk by faith knowing that God will provide.   

Faith is the ability to walk in the light that God has provided and take one more step into the darkness believing that God will supply you with the ground to walk or wings to fly.  

Go boldly (v11-31)

There are five reasons to go boldly:

1.  We have news which will save people’s lives:  If we truly believe the Gospel we must know that those with Christ we have eternal life and those without him we well be separated from him for eternity in hell.  Our message saves people’s lives. 

2.   We will be given what to say:  The Holy Spirit will guide our thoughts and our words with the right thing to say at the right time.  We have no reason to fear.  Go boldly. 

3.   We have much ground to cover:  There are many who have yet to hear and we are the one’s who must tell them the good news. 

4.  We will share the very same Christ experienced:  We’ve been told that we will share in the same persecutions of Christ for sharing our message.  We’ve also been told to fear not because God is with us. God boldly.  

5.  We are not to fear: We are not to fear because our lives are not our own.  We walk in the light of the promise of God and therefore we have no fear.  

Go with your eyes open expecting:

1. Public declaration…Jesus is Lord. According to Jesus, he wants his followers to proclaim him publicly and take a stand by following unapologetically. V32-33

2. Possible conflict with your family. Conflict is going to happen if you are serious concerning following Christ, especially with family members who really know you. But don’t back down. V34-38

3. Promised possessions…Jesus promised a cross, where self-denial, dying to self would occur on a daily basis. However, God will give you a community of faith to encourage and support you. Count on it. V39-42

Go represent Christ, v40-42

Regardless if it’s hard, live for Jesus and not for the things of this life! If you give up any applause, pleasure or privilege in this life for following Christ and sharing the gospel, consider it an honor! The impact of your life on the life of others for the cause of Christ will pay eternal dividends…and that will be worth it all!